Our Team


For these people horses are not just animals – they are friends and their passion!

We are a team of people dedicated to horses and having intention to share our knowledge and give you equestrian skills!
We have a wide range of training programs and fascinating lessons. Our trainers will show how they care for the horses, will help you to communicate with the horse and always will be there to help you!

Owner andf Facility Manager

Jane is a devoted horse rider who has targeted her efforts at organizing Club’s work and inviting the best professionals and like-minded people. Jane brings with her over two decades of experience in entertaining industry. Jane is always happy to answer all your questions. You can can truly rest easy knowing that all the details will be handled appropriately and professionally. You can relax and have a rest at our Club under her supervision.

Quarter Horse Trainer

Jennifer has been riding since her teenage years. In the ’90s, at the peak of her junior career, she was ranked fourth in New York State. Jennifer’s got certification in horsemanship and training in the Parelli natural horse training program. She is responsible for training horses to perform specific behaviors in response to a rider’s cues. She also acts as a riding instructor and barn manager in addition to her primary training activities.

Head Horse Trainer

Jenna has more than 30 years of winning riding experience at hand. Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, she participated in multiple junior tournaments and lessons, becoming a trainee under the guidance of such trainers as Thomas Fuchs (two-time Olympian), Baltazar Rodrigues. During his coaching career Walter has trained more than 150 contestants in international competitions. We are happy we work with such an enthusiast and a high-class professional!

Horse Trainer

Mary began playing professionally at a very young age. She participated in National level classes as well as in international tournaments. As a horse trainer Gary provides coaching to our members in a wide variety of equestrian disciplines. She designs skill building exercises to improve performance, provides advice on proper technique for the discipline and troubleshoots communication issues between horse and rider.